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Ghost Rider V

The car Kennedy got shot in, code name SS-100-X. Once they’d cleaned the Lincoln Continental up and added armor plating, the death mobile resumed its role as a presidential limousine for President Lyndon B. Johnson until 1967.

Guest post by Scott Nicholson


Making America Great Again VI

So Donald Trump has been in power for about nine days now. Can you feel it? We’re all on it. The Devil’s Road.


The Walls Are Screaming XII

An old friend told me the other day that abortion was legal in the US so that Hillary Clinton could enrich herself. Whether Clinton makes a cent off abortion legislation she introduced or not is irrelevant. If the Republicans manage to overturn Roe vs Wade, thousands of women will suffer serious health issues and some will die.
My friend sees conspiracies on the left to justify his immeasurable anger at his feeling powerless in the face of an increasingly chaotic, brutal but also more colorful and varied world. His anger, fueled by right wing websites attacking minorities, is so overwhelming that he loses empathy for his fellow women and men to be able to feel himself. Welcome to the Trump Age.

USA // JUNE 2005

Ghost Rider

‘If you’re in control, you’re not going fast enough”. – Parnelli Jones

USA // JUNE 2005

Fuck Everything IX

Fuck you too. And have a nice day.


Making America Great Again IV

Just like Rome
We fell asleep when we got spoiled
Ignore human rights in the rest of the world
Ya might just lose your own

As the noose of narco-militarism
Tightens around your necks
We worry about burning flags
And pee in jars at work
To keep our jobs

But if someone came for you one night
And dragged you away
Do you really think your neighbors
Would even care?

Full Metal Jack-Off – Jello Biafra & D.O.A.


Making America Great Again III

Rendition in Economy.


Making America Great Again II

The Devil Rides in Texas.

USA // APRIL 2005

Making America Great Again

The US vote for their president today. God is somewhere else. Better chug down some pills.

USA // APRIL 2005